This one is close to the heart and has been in the works for over a year! We’re excited announce soon. Brand Identity Creative Direction E-comm Website Design ALL WORK


Frankie by Rizzieri is re-imaging the salon franchise business. Frankie is backed by more than a century of successful salon business ownership and beauty industry expertise from Frank Rizzieri. Frank is an entrepreneur, hairdresser, salon owner and educator. He is taking his passion for the beauty industry and combining it with his expertise as a […]


Desert Spring Products supplies and manufactures humidifiers. Desert Spring Humidifiers improve indoor air quality (IAQ) to positively affect your health, home and environment. Saving millions of gallons of water since 1998. Brand Identity Brand Strategy ALL WORK


Allison Asis has created a jewelry brand for the modern and mindful woman with a creative spirit – Cadette Jewelry. The line was made to connect with females who consciously seek eye-catching, meaningful designs that have a sincere timelessness and attention to craftsmanship. Each piece is thoughtfully meant to feel like a natural extension of […]


1RG warmly welcomes individuals, teams, and organizations that cherish the principles of community care, artistic expression, and groundbreaking innovation to join a dynamic and engaging environment. A dedicated space fosters a collaborative atmosphere that encourages the free exchange of ideas, stimulating curiosity, and nurturing personal and professional growth. By bringing together like-minded people who share […]


After nearly 20 years of experience as a hairstylist with a special focus on weddings and brides, Morgan Roy curated her collection with real and wonderful women in mind. Driven by her desire to embolden and empower, she’s seen firsthand what a difference beautiful hair, and the perfect accessory can make. Today, she’s extending her […]


Shonin’s Streamcam is the world’s first cloud-connected wearable security camera. Cellular, life-proof, small, and easy to use, Streamcam lets you capture your side of the story in 720p saved directly in the cloud. Creative Design Brand Identity Web Development Conceptual Product Development Photography Content Creation ALL WORK


Lumishield’s mission is to bring people together by providing clean air for everyone. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those they care about through clean and safe air in large commercial spaces. Their air purifier is the highest performing air purifier for large spaces. Rapid air changes, 1100 CFM and a […]


Drink Up is the only healthy beverage station that serves vitalized water and nutritional boosts. Founded by Faber Dewar and has since been acquired by Water Station Technology a manufacturer of “bottle-less” water stations based in Everett, Washington State. Creative Direction Branding Brand Identity Brand Positioning Visual Identity Video Production Station Design Website App […]


Créatif celebrates the craft & community of hair artistry and design. Canada is home to some of the world’s most trend-setting and cutting-edge talent, and Créatif aims to showcase the talent in Canada’s creative hubs from coast-to-coast.  Witness and be inspired by Canada’s creative community of visionaries within the world of hair & beyond. Design Direction Campaign […]