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 Design Process

—  Strategy + Development


Design strategy and processes have always been told in a linear fashion (as outlined below) At Fredicus, we have more of a wholesome look at every project. We work using a circular approach, analyzing business, economics, social and environmental implications. Our past work have been a huge part in our shift in design strategy. We have evolved in taking more consideration of our humanitarian responsibilities and impact not just to the environment but to each other.


Many design agencies have lost grasp of the fundamentals of design, the impact of design. They have exploded and evolved into huge corporations that create simply just to create smoke and mirrors. We have a responsibility to really think about how our ideas will affect the world, as a whole. From sourcing environmental materials, sustainable manufacturing, right down to evaluating the need of the idea itself. Is it a long term solution that will impact our world positively? Sustainably? Coming from a world that has been trained to manufacture and consume exponential resources, we consider these aspects seriously against all of the projects we take on. 



Meet & Greet
This is the beginning of our very important relationship. 


This is where we pose the questions. Going deeper into the discovery of your brand.


Design & Development
Once we fully understand the challenge, we proceed to come up with the solution.




This entails Production right through to the going Live of a brand or product.




—  Whether you have a project in mind, are looking for job opportunities, or just want to find out more about what we do, we'd love to hear from you.