Our Story

—  Our story, services, process, accreditation, collaborators and how to get in touch


—  It's all history now



In early 2014, Vernadette and Ernesto launched Fredicus, an award winning multidisciplinary studio based in Toronto, that specializes on developing and enhancing a brands presence and experience for both product and services.  


Coming from parallel industries, Ernesto's career focus on Industrial Design and Vernadette's on Graphic and Brand Development, they meld deep conversations and ideas from both perspectives. Giving a unique and complete exploration to any brand.




—  What we do


We provide a full spectrum of brand development, from strategic brand consulting, to product development. We have a knack for startups, building brands/products from scratch. 



Brand Strategy + Development
Brand Exploration
Analysis + Positioning
Visual Identity + Logotype
Content Strategy
Communication Strategy 

Brand Applications 

Branded Environments

Product Design [Digital]

Editorial Design
Signage Design
Package Design
Digital Material Design
Printed Material Design 



Product Trends
Product Strategy + Definition

Conceptual Design

Design Development

3D Modelling + Visualization

Design for Manufacturing

CMF Development

Rapid Prototyping + Validation

CM/ODM Support

Consumer Electronics + Accessories

Industrial + Medical Equipment

Sporting Goods

Architectural Features





—  Strategy + Development

design process

Before committing to any project, we analyze its business/economics and its social and environmental implications. We have evolved in taking more consideration of our humanitarian responsibilities and impact not just to the environment but to each other. Our past work has been a significant influence in our shift in design strategy.


Our mandate is to keep a tight grasp of the fundamentals of design, the impact of design. We believe we have a responsibility to really think about how our ideas will affect the world, as a whole. From sourcing environmental materials, sustainable manufacturing, right down to evaluating the need of the idea itself. Is it a long term solution that will impact our world positively? Is it sustainable? What problem does it solve?


Naturally, this belief makes us very selective. 

—  Collaborators / Partners, past and present 


—  When hard work pays off 


2014 Red Dot High Design Quality Award – Kobo Arc 7HD 2014 Red Dot High Design Quality Award – Kobo Aura
2013 German Design Award in the Lifestyle category – Kobo Aura HD
2013 Ceiling feature concept rollout for Rexall Canada
2011 ARIDO Award of Merit – Air Canada Centre, 400 level Floating Boardroom.
2010 Retail Council of Canada, Excellence in Retail Awards, 1st place Sign Systems, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Edmonton, AB.
2009 Architectural Record Magazine, Excellence in Advertising.
2009 ARE Design Awards, Fixture of the Year, Mark’s: Walk-in Freezer Lab, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Edmonton, AB.
2009 MOD award for TrojanUV technologies exhibit.
2009 ARE Design Awards, Store Fixture Award, Oval Display Table TechShowcase.
2008 Retail Design Institute International Store Design Awards, 1st place, New Shop within an existing Department or Specialty Store The Olympic Store, HBC, Vancouver, BC.
2008 IFAI International Achievement Award, Award of Excellence, Interior Display The Olympic Store, HBC, Vancouver, BC.
2008 Advertising Excellence, Outstanding Achievement, VMSD Magazine
2007 IIDEX/NeoCon Innovation Award, Gold - Kapsel.
2007 IIDEX/NeoCon Innovation Award, Silver- Eventscape Inc.
2007 VM&SD Best Booth GlobalShop, The Store Fixturing Show Eventscape Inc.
2006 SADI Awards Superior Achievement in Design and Imaging, 1st Prize - Fila
2006 NASFM Full Store Fixture Grouping Award - Fila
2006 FX Design Awards, Highly Commended - Fila
2006 NASFM Grand Prize, Softline Specialty Store 3001- 25,000 sq. ft. - Fila
2006 First Prize,”Best New Retail” DDI Annual Portfolio Awards - Fila
2006 IIDEX/NeoCon Innovation Award - Eventscape
2006 Awarded “Best of Show” exhibit at GlobalShop Orlando for Eventscape Inc.
2006 NASFM Store of the year - Fila NY. Conceptualized, developed, and engineered 14’ chrome towers.
2005 ISP/VM&SD International Store Design 1st Place, Specialty Store, 3000- 5000 sq. ft. -Fila
2004 Awarded “Best of Show” exhibit at GlobalShop Las Vegas for Eventscape Inc.
2004 Assisted in designing the new concept store for Home Depot, Park Royal BC.
2003 Awarded “Best of Show” exhibit at GlobalShop Chicago - Eventscape.
2003 Winner at NeoCon Chicago for Bretford liquid screens.
2002 Best new product award recipient at NeoCon Canada Leef mobile screens.

—  Ideas too good to leave in a sketchbook


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